How to Get Same Day Electricity Service in Texas: Get Power On Today

How to Get Same Day Electricity Service in Texas: Get Power On Today

See how you can get your power on same-day. Everything you need to know to make sure you get same day electricity.
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Thad Warren
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May 28, 2024

In a rush to get your electricity service started today? Whether you're moving into a new home, opening a new business, or just need immediate power, getting same day electricity service in Texas is possible and often straightforward.

This guide will walk you through the steps and considerations to ensure you get your power turned on today.

Same Day Electricity for Your Home

If you need electricity for your home on the same day, follow these steps to ensure a smooth process:

  1. Choose a Retail Electric Provider (REP): Texas has a deregulated electricity market, which means you can choose your provider. Some Texas electricity providers offer same day electricity, but availability may vary.
  2. Check for Same Day Service Availability: Not all providers offer same day electric service. When selecting a provider, ensure they have options for same day connection. Providers like Reliant Energy, TXU Energy, and Direct Energy often provide this service.
  3. Provide Necessary Information: Have your identification, proof of residency, and any other necessary documents ready. This will expedite the process.
  4. Pay Any Required Fees: Some providers may charge an expedited service fee for same day electricity. Be prepared to cover these costs to avoid delays.
  5. Confirm the Connection Time: Once everything is set, confirm with your provider the exact time your electricity will be turned on. This ensures you know when to expect power.

Same Day Electricity for Your Business

For business owners, getting electricity up and running quickly can be crucial. But, getting same day electricity isn't typically easy. Generally, next day service is possible but same day electricity is not. But, if you are trying to get your power on same-day, contact us and we will do our best to get your electricity service on.

Here’s how to ensure your business gets electric service as fast as possible:

  1. Select a Business-Friendly REP: Look for providers that cater to businesses and offer expedited services. GridHacker can help you compare options from providers like Direct Energy and Reliant Energy.
  2. Prepare Business Documentation: Have your business registration, identification, and proof of the business location ready. This will speed up the application process. One of the most common problems that delays electricity service is permits. You should call your city's permit office and ensure that your "power release" or "energy release" are up to date and accurate. If they are not up to date your utility may reject your request for service.
  3. Request Same Day Service Early: To increase your chances of getting same day power, contact your chosen provider as early in the day as possible. This gives them more time to process your request. Most providers close at 5pm. You have a much better chance of getting same day power if you put in your request in the morning.
  4. Understand the Costs: Be aware of any additional fees for expedited service. These fees can vary, so it’s good to confirm the total cost upfront.
  5. Schedule and Confirm: Just like with residential service, confirm the exact time your electricity will be connected to avoid any interruptions.

Same Day Prepaid Electricity

Prepaid electricity is a flexible option that allows you to pay for your electricity in advance. It’s a great choice if you need electricity immediately and want to avoid credit checks or long-term contracts.

  1. Find Prepaid Electricity Providers: Many providers in Texas offer prepaid electricity plans that include same day service. Providers like Payless Power are good options.
  2. Make an Initial Payment: Prepaid plans require an upfront payment. This initial payment will be used to start your service immediately.
  3. Track Your Usage: With prepaid electricity, you can monitor your usage and balance online. This helps you manage your consumption and avoid running out of credit.

Same Day Electricity Plans

Several electricity plans cater to those needing immediate service. Here are some key points to consider when choosing a same day electricity plan:

  1. Short-Term Contracts: If you need electricity quickly and for a short duration, look for plans with short-term contracts or no contract at all. This provides flexibility without long-term commitment.
  2. Fixed-Rate vs. Variable-Rate Plans: Decide whether a fixed-rate or variable-rate plan suits your needs. Fixed-rate plans offer price stability, while variable-rate plans might offer lower initial rates.
  3. Customer Service and Support: Choose a provider with strong customer service. In case of any issues or questions, responsive customer support can make a significant difference.

New Electricity Service for my Home or Business

New Home Electricity Service

Getting an energy plan for your new home shouldn't require any extra effort on your behalf. Your home should be equipped with a smart meter with an assigned ESID.

Occasionally we have seen issues with new builds where a smart meter has not been installed yet. You should work with your utility and contractor to get it installed.

New Business Electricity Service

New business electricity can be complicated. The first thing you should do is call your local permit office and make sure that your energy release (sometimes called power release) is filed and up to date.

From there you should find an electricity provider. If this is a new business you may be subject to higher rates or even a deposit since the provider doesn't have a good gauge on your electricity usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get my electricity turned on?

For residential customers, many providers can turn on your electricity within a few hours if you contact them early in the day and meet all their requirements.

For business customers, getting same day electricity is not very likely. The best thing you can do is contact our support team who will work with you to get your power on as soon as possible.

Is there an extra fee for same day electric service?

Yes, some Texas electricity companies charge an expedited service fee for same day connections. The fee varies by provider.

Can I get same day electricity without a credit check?

Prepaid electricity plans typically do not require a credit check and offer same day options.

What if I need electricity on a weekend or holiday?

Some providers offer service on weekends and holidays, but availability may be limited. It's best to check with the provider directly.

Which provider offers the best same day electric service?

For residential customers, almost every provider has options for same day electricity. Just call the provider directly to ensure that you get power on quickly.

For business customers, while getting same day electricity is a stretch, we have found that Reliant and APG&E have the best odds of getting power on quickly.