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The average electricity rates in the United States increased slightly in the past year, with the national average residential rate reaching approximately 13.31 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in 2022. Some states saw higher increases, while others experienced decreases in electricity rates.

Going forward, electricity rates are expected to continue to rise due to various factors such as infrastructure improvements and upgrades, increasing demand for electricity, and the implementation of renewable energy sources. However, the rate of increase is expected to be moderate and the exact change in electricity rates will vary by state and utility company.

Consumers can expect to see increased costs for their electricity bills in the coming years, but can also take steps to reduce their usage and costs, such as using energy-efficient appliances and adopting energy-saving practices.

States with the Cheapest Electricity Rates

These 5 states have the lowest electricity rates in the U.S.

  1. Idaho (10.1¢/kWh)
  2. Washington (10.32¢/kWh)
  3. North Dakota (10.57¢/kWh)
  4. Utah (10.68¢/kWh)
  5. Nebraska (10.74¢/kWh)

States with the Most Expensive electricity rates

These 5 states have the highest electricity rates in the U.S.

  1. Hawaii (43.91¢/kWh)
  2. New Hampshire (30.66¢/kWh)
  3. Rhode Island (28.65¢/kWh)
  4. Massachusetts (28.1¢/kWh)
  5. California (26.14¢/kWh)

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Average Electricity Rates in The United States