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Reviews for Green Mountain Energy are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.


Edward Doan

5 out of 5
I've been very happy with Green Mountain Energy as a retail electric provider in Texas for the past several years. They have very fair rate plans which are all 100% renewable energy. Combined with my rooftop solar panels, I feel good about minimizing my carbon footprint in a way that is effortless. Green Mountain Energy also has a responsive customer service department that's always been helpful each time I've called.

Lauren Demmer

1 out of 5
Phone calls into the company would result in the call being dropped or down a rabbit hole where “No representatives were available and the mailbox is full”. Every time I called in for the past few days I would get transferred to a different department and then the line would go dead. I was trying to set up an account for a start date of August 19, and they had some additional security documents that I needed to send in, which I did. Then they asked me to call back, but when I tried to call the number back specifically it said there were no representatives available every single time I called back, and the mailbox was full. Then trying to go through another route. I would call the main number and asked to be transferred, and every single time I was transferred the coal mine would go dead. Every. single. time. I hope this gets fixed. I managed to cancel before the service started but only by finally getting someone in the chat box to help me. My big question is if the phone customer service is this terrible before I even started my service with them, what happens during an emergency? I hope someone at the company sees this and actually does something about it. You lost a customer just because your company’s poor phone connections


1 out of 5
Wow! What an absolute shift between my start of using them in 2020 to today. Right after I switch to autopay (shocker)//My last bill went from 58-80 to now over 200 dollars. Suddenly I’m using almost 4 times the energy despite being out of the house the same amount of time!? They had me on hold for over 90 minutes until I had to call again to make sure my plan was indeed cancelled. I am shocked at the lack of customer support, especially for long time users. Good luck and good riddance honestly!

Joshua Webb

1 out of 5
Green Mountain had me in a contract that was overcharging me, taking advantage of my lack of knowledge about energy companies in Texas. For reference, in the month of July they charged me $430 for one month of electricity. I live in a 1 bedroom, 800sqft apartment. I cancelled my service after seeing this absurd bill and switched to a new company that charges me less than half of this bill. Green mountain then sent me a bill totaling $928.34 including past due and cancellation fee. I called their customer service, was sent to a supervisor who told me there is nothing they can do about the bill.


1 out of 5
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