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Reviews for BKV Energy are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.


Tina Jackson

1 out of 5
I was involuntarily signed up through Energy Texas. I got an email in May stating that my electricity was being changed from Energy Texas to BKV Energy. Since then, I have paid $78 to BKV, and just received another bill for $492. Mind you I paid $548 to Energy Texas in May and was hit with another bill, due July 7th for an additional $338.00 (which I will NOT be paying). You mean to tell me I used $831 of electricity in June? No! This should be illegal! Paying upwards of $800 to both of these companies for the same electricity is just pure ridiculous and highway robbery! I will be complaining to the Consumer Protection Bureau and also starting a petition to get lawmakers in Texas to stop robbing us for electricity! These retailers should not be allowed to sell our accounts and if they do, they should be forced to 1.) Get our consent within 30 days of the change 2.) Send us a check to cover 1 month of electricity, since they sell these accounts for thousands of dollars. I Do Not recommend this company! The rates are ridiculous! Steer clear of BKV, that is…IF you have a choice…because I didn’t!

Michelle Moore

5 out of 5
I have had outstanding personalized customer service from this company at a time when I am moving and there is typically a lot of need for comfort and reliability.

Black Gold

1 out of 5
This company has no regard for customer care, will not help on adjusting the best plan for your home or apartment. My normal usage is about 1000 kwh per month and usage fee says $80-90 dls but when bill arrives it's increased to $160 due to hidden extra fees and taxes. I just cancelled my service with these BMV Energy thieves and if you all really want to save on electric bill please switch to another company. Now my monthly bill has been $80-$90 dollars a month at 1000 + kwh.. If you all want to know who I switched with at 8 cents per kwh please send me a pm or comment on my review. Trust me, you will save half of what these rats are charging you today. I would give 0 stars if I could. If you switch you will still get energy service from other service providers, no need to pay penalty yearly contract, simply file a complaint and penalties will be dismissed by utility consumer rights and advocates.