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Reviews for Constellation Energy are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.



1 out of 5
These people called my work attempted a cold call sales pitch for their services. They refused to take no for an answer and they even had the nerve to call back twice after being told their services were not wanted! Very harassing! Do not support this company at all!

John Mollet

1 out of 5
Constellation solicitors came into my business and demanded a signature to sign up for their service, when it was told to solicitor that the owner needed to sign, not employee. Solicitor became very vocal and demanded that I (the owner) be called immediately. He was told to leave the property several times and he wouldn’t. After his outburst and realizing he wasn’t going to get anyone to sign up he left making threats as he exited. Attached is the solicitor

Seth R

1 out of 5
If I could give zero stars I would. Constellation refuses to allow payments on an account without giving information that is unnecessary to complete the transaction. Why do they want to ensure making a payment is the hardest thing to do? Why can't they auto draft like a normal company is capable of? Why is 100% of their 'customer service' international? Why don't they care about providing jobs for US citizens when they're overcharging us for a service? They lie and say they will automatically lock you in at their lowest rate; they don't, if you don't check, they can charge $0.10 more per therm than the lowest available rate. Company is full of liars.