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Good Charlie bring a breathe of fresh air to the world of energy providers. Most electricity providers focus on rates and promo items like smart home thermostats and other devices. That's great and all but many people already have these items our don't sue them to begin with. Their unique focus on dog friendly incentives is enough to get our tails wagging.

The biggest benefit to becoming a Good Charlie customer is their "Pack Benefits." Pack benefits have three parts.

  • 24/7 Video Vet Care: Just like standard telehealth care you might use when you have a cold, Good Charlie customers get free access to video vet care.
  • $750 Per Emergency Fund: Unexpected vet bill? Good Charlie customers have a $750 emergency fun to cover life threatening emergency vet bills.
  • Round Up for Rescues: Each month your bill is rounded up to the nearest dollar. The extra money goes to help animal shelters and pet charities.

Rates will change depending on market conditions, but so far Good Charlie has plans that are very competitive. Additionally, they have a decent set options for 100% renewable energy plans.

Dog owners rejoice. There is an energy supplier with incentives to help your furry friend healthy and happy.

Good Charlie Customer Reviews

Reviews for Good Charlie are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.



5 out of 5
I got fund $750 from GoodCharlie to help my dog in emergency situations. When discharge from clinic just call them and send invoice they will pay directly and instantly quickly . The day after care team from GoodCharlie call me and send me list funding program and tell me try more to help me dog . I come to Goodcharlie because the cheap price of electricity bill. I can’t belive I can get this fund for my dog . My dog pass away on May 5 . 2 day after go to emergency.

Mikki Qaddoumi

5 out of 5
The people who take care of customers on the phone are probably some of the nicest service operators I've ever encountered. You actually get help right away from someone who you can understand and isn't in a foreign country. You don't get a run around, and you talk to people who seem very invested in the quality of their service, and issues are solved with professionalism, knowledge and just plain kindness. You get lots of correspondence via email and texts. The added benefit of an animal charity is the best reason to use Good Charlie as my choice of electric service provision. Thank you GoodCharlie.

Theorignalkjm C

5 out of 5
I recently used the pack benefit of the Vet Help . I was so worried about my little Foster dog. He had had a really ugly cough. I have a little bit of knowledge in canine health. But the cough was a little more intense than what I have seen before. It wasn't an emergency but I did want to talk to a vet to help Cooper out .Thank you so much good Charlie for offering these extra services. With the help of the tela vet and the information she provided. I was able to get Cooper up and healthy condition within 3 days here at home instead of having to take him to the vet and spending a whole bunch of money . that and this is no joke the money I would have spent on a vet in person I able to use to pay my electric and put something towards the round up plan 🙏🏼lol . I'm on a fixed income and every penny counts.Good Charlie is a blessing to the Texas community and k9 's of this great state. Keep Up the great work and God Bless Always Maria , Yola, Service Dog Yoshi , Yogi and Cooper 🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾


5 out of 5
This is the best experience I have had with an energy company. Good prices and customer service. Easy web interface. I have used the online vet service for both of my dogs when my regular vet was closed for the day. One pup was recovering from surgery and the vet was so helpful. And they donate to animal shelters! I hope they keep growing.

Andrea D.

5 out of 5
Good Charlie has better rates than I’ve found anywhere else. While neighbors voice concerns over their bill, mine remains manageable. We signed a 4 year contract, because let’s be honest, rates won’t be going down any time soon. I love that they give back to animal shelters too! They’re making a positive difference! Thankfully I haven’t had to use their emergency pet services so I don’t know how good they are, but I don’t see any other electric companies offering remotely the same . This is a good company with a good heart and I’m happy I found them!

Good Charlie Energy in a Nutshell

Good Charlie is a Houston based energy provider that has a unique business model. While many energy suppliers bundle things like smart thermostats with your energy plan, Good Charlie bundles your plan with pet care. Every plan includes free tele-vet care, $750 in emergency vet care, and auto bill roundup that gets donated to animal shelters.

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