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Reviews for Payless Power are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.


Artie Bledsoe

5 out of 5
Honestly, very pleased with the company my daily usage don’t go over four dollars very easy to make payments fast with service

Kam Tek

1 out of 5
The worst to deal with. Prices are super high. Your balance fluctuates. They try to lock you in with a payment plan that ensures you can't switch to another provider. The four and five star reviews are employees or friends.

Madison Lake

2 out of 5
The payment plan is different because need to pay daily not monthly. Also first time I signed up didn’t say anything about my card declining for 3 months, because address didn’t match for the bank. So far the second time I signed up it’s working. Great thing is tells you how much power using each day and time.

Virgil Ragan

5 out of 5
Taught me how budget ,I was awful on budgeting but when I had something to lose like my electric being turned off I had make choice learn budget or have electric off and screaming wife and kids whom I do anything I mean anything for because they just not scream they jump all over me wife included wrestle me to ground smear food all over me cause food fight just because didn't pay electric bill but of course all in fun I think I rather have it on then clean up a mess so payless power gave me no option but stop horsing around Lear. To Budget so I. An have my man cave without kids wife there.! Man. Ave year right they took that over when got married had kids dreaming