Average Electricity Bills in Texas: An Indepth Breakdown

Average Electricity Bills in Texas: An Indepth Breakdown

We break down the average electricity bill in Texas by home size (square footage) to help you determine if you are over paying on your electricity bill.
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Thad Warren
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May 28, 2024

Have you ever opened your electric bill only to be left in complete shock? Out of nowhere a bill for several hundred dollars punches you right where it hurts...your wallet.

I remember squinting at the sky-high figures and wondering if we'd accidentally started powering an entire city block!

Surely this must be a mistake? Maybe my meter is broken? Maybe someone was stealing my electricity?

Thanks to smart meters, these sorts of mishaps are extremely rare. If you got an astronomically high bill, you either used more electricity or your rate changed.

We're going to explore everything, from the amount of power various homes consume each month, to the reasons behind the fluctuating electricity rates across our beloved Lone Star State.

We'll break down the average cost by home size, and metro area, and discuss the main factors determining your electric bill.

Average Electricity Bill in Texas

The average electricity bill in Texas is $155.38. This is based on the current average electricity rate in Texas of $0.142 per kilowatt hour (kWh) multiplied by the average electricity usage of 1,094 kWh.

It's important to keep in mind this is only an average. This number includes all households in Texas. Your electricity bill may be higher or lower depending on your home size and your energy usage habits.

Average Electricity Bill in Texas by Square Footage

Square Footage Avg. Monthly Electricity Usage Avg. Monthly Electric Bill
500 sqft 289 kWh $41
750 sqft 434 kWh $62
1,000 sqft 578 kWh $82
1,250 723 kWh $103
1,500 sqft 868 kWh $123
1,750 sqft 1,012 kWh $144
2,000 sqft 1,157 kWh $164
2250 sqft 1,301 kWh $185
2500 sqft 1,446 kWh $205
2,750 sqft 1,590 kWh $226
3,000 sqft 1,735 kWh $246
3,250 sqft 1,880 kWh $267
3,500 sqft 2,024 kWh $287
3,750 sqft 2,169 kWh $308
4,000 sqft 2,313 kWh $328
4,250 sqft 2,458 kWh $349
4,500 sqft 2,603 kWh $370
4,750 sqft 2,747 kWh $390
5,000 sqft 2,892 kWh $411

Average Electricity Bills for Different Types of Homes in Texas

Ever wondered about the average electricity bills for different types of homes in Texas? Well, you're not alone. It's a query that many folks, particularly those looking to move or adjust their residence, are curious about.

The size and type of your residence can drastically influence the cost of electricity, ranging from a one-bedroom apartment to a large house with 4,000 square feet. A one-bedroom pad typically has less area than a two-room flat or a big abode with four thousand sq ft. Naturally, this difference impacts the amount of energy consumed and thus your monthly electric bill.

Home Type Avg. Sq. Footage Avg. Monthly Electricity Usage Avg. Monthly Electric Bill
One Bedroom Apartment 650 sqft 376 kWh $53
Two Bedroom Apartment 1,000 sqft 578 kWh $82
Small Home 1,500 sqft 868 kWh $123
Large Home 3,000 sqft 1,735 kWh $246

One-Bedroom Apartments

In Texas, if you live in an average-sized one-bedroom apartment which is typically around 650 sq ft, expect to shell out approximately $53 each month on electricity bills alone.

Two-Bedroom Apartments

Moving up slightly from there we have two-bedroom apartments. These larger spaces need more power to heat or cool and hence result in higher electricity costs – averaging at about $82 per month.

Larger Homes - 3,000+ Square Feet

If you’re living big in Lone Star State style within say a spacious abode boasting over 4k square foot area then be prepared. You could find yourself facing hefty utility company invoices that reach upwards of an impressive $246 every single month.

This is because bigger houses tend to use more energy due to additional rooms needing heating/cooling plus potentially having multiple appliances running simultaneously all contributing towards increased kWh usage rates making them costly affairs when it comes to paying those pesky power bills.

Be ready for even higher electricity bills if you home has more than one AC unit, a pool, hot tub, or other extra energy hogging amenities.

Note: These estimates are averages and actual bills can vary based on factors such as the energy efficiency of your home, your personal habits, and weather conditions in Texas that might lead to higher electricity usage during extreme temperatures. The prices of electricity rates offered by different utility companies or deregulated energy providers also have a big impact on what you end up paying for power each month.

Factors Affecting Electricity Bills in Texas

There are many factors that impact your electric bill. Some of them like your energy usage, you can control, other things like the weather, you cannot.

In fact, weather conditions play a big role here due to heating needs during winter months or cooling demands over hot summer days leading to higher consumption rates than what might be expected from square footage alone.

Weather Conditions and Their Impact on Energy Usage

The extreme temperatures common to Texas make heating or cooling our homes essential but costly. It's not uncommon for monthly electric bills to soar during sweltering summers or freezing winters because more power is needed to maintain comfortable indoor environments.

This rise in electricity consumption translates directly into higher energy bills.

Fuel costs also play a significant role in determining your energy bill's bottom line. For instance, if natural gas prices increase due to market dynamics or supply chain issues, this hike often gets passed down as an uptick in the rate you pay per kWh.

Beyond these external influences like weather conditions and fuel prices, internal household factors matter too - think square footage and number of occupants. Homes with larger square feet typically consume more power than smaller ones due to greater lighting needs and longer air conditioning runs; while households with many residents tend toward higher use levels from increased appliance utilization such as washing machines or TVs.

Varying Costs Based On Home Size

Beyond just location within the state and time of year, another factor affecting bills is dwelling size itself.

For instance: The more rooms or square feet your home encompasses; generally speaking – the greater use (and therefore costs) associated with providing power throughout this space including lighting fixtures among other appliances typically found within households today like air conditioning units which can significantly increase one’s total monthly expenditure if not properly managed or used efficiently where possible.

Your Personal Habits Matter Too

Last but not least, don't forget how personal habits come into play when considering your average electric bill. Not only the size of your home and location but also how much electricity you use daily affects your electric bill.

So remember, whether it's keeping lights off when they're not needed or being mindful about running large appliances during peak hours, every little bit helps in managing that monthly cost.

The Bottom Line

Figuring out your average electricity bill in Texas means juggling a few things. Your monthly cost depends not just on where you live and the size of your home but also on your daily habits.

Remember to keep track of power use and be mindful of energy consumption.