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Reviews for True Power are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.


Shawn Winter

4 out of 5
Called and left roughly 4 voicemails with the promise of a return call next business day. I'm trying to reach out to them because my plan did not renew (as promised by their sales team) and I'm stuck paying the HIGH variable rate. edit: they took care of me and changed my plan as promised. Only missing one star due to the credit was not enough to offset the increased rate paid for a month.

Brian Marsh

1 out of 5
They've double and triple charged me on two seperate occasions. Their customer service is off-shore people who want to refund the charge in a few days. Additionally their billing isn't clear. Makes me wonder if companies like this could be over charging on purpose to float the money and get paid more by people who don't notice.

Jacob McMaster

1 out of 5
I am not one to leave bad reviews as I have no intention of hurting this company’s reputation but rather to try and get a response back from them. I used true power as my utility provider for a year at a house I was renting in humble Tx. When me and my wife’s lease was up I sent in a request for cancellation (June 1st of 2022) as we were moving out of the area. I then received a call from true power claiming that I owed them upwards of 1400 dollars. After looking at their itemized claim; I found that the charges were for usage after I requested cancellation and was no longer residing at the house. After speaking with their outsourced customer service I was directed to send the proof to them via email. Months later I am still receiving calls from true power. I explain to them that at this point we will need to communicate in writing via email as I am tired of re-explaining the situation to their payment claims department. I am happy to pay any money that I owe but I will not be paying for utilities I have cancelled and did not use. I am leaving this negative review in hopes to get a response from y’all and find a solution to this before it goes to claims and I have to reach out to the PUC and file a formal complaint for bad business practices. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you VIA EMAIL.

Richie Hernández Chacón

1 out of 5
Terrible service all around. I wouldn’t even give them one star. We paid deposit before our move-in and two months later told us we were never signed up. We were then charged 2 months of “vacancy” post move-in, and it took a month after electricity was shut down for True Power to respond with a mediocre solution. The employees need better tools of communication, organisation after a run around poop show. They told us they would call us back after a week, and three weeks later we called only to be told they were still investigating, investigating what? That True Power lags? True Power, truly sucks. Do not go with this company!

Aziz Ahmed

5 out of 5
Great service with good rates and efficient service. Recently I applied for a new connection. Sales rep Mariam was very helpful and knowledgeable in assisting me. The whole process of new registration was done very speedily and efficiently. Highly recommended.