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Reviews for TriEagle Energy are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.


michael aronson

3 out of 5
I just started with Tri Eagle, after over 10 years using TXU Energy. Today was payment of my first bill with Tri Eagle. TXU increased their per Kwh significantly. I tried calling customer service with Tri Eagle, and if my experience is any indication, I will be switching again shortly. First, there seems to be NO domestic call center with Tri Eagle. Second, I wanted to discuss my first bill, and the automated had NO option for doing that, so I had to use another option to get in. When Paul answered, he had a total lack of understanding, could barely understand me, and after a couple of frustrating minutes, I hung up. Tri Eagle's website is also very cumbersome in seeing the monthly bill electronically, and then trying to calculate comparisons. I would very much appreciate a call center supervisor contacting me, and at the same time repairing or reviewing the options on the automated calls to facilitate reaching the appropriate area.

sheila aaron

2 out of 5
Power was shut off around 12 noon and I called and paid what they told me I owed. At 730 it still wasn't on. I called and they I owed $15 well hell they knew that all day they could've called me and told me. I didn't know until called them back


5 out of 5
I had planned on switching to another company that could give me a slightly lower rate but the customer service was pathetic. TriEagle's customer service is what made me change my mind. I have been with TriEagle for 5 years and never had a problem.

Gary Guerrieri

5 out of 5
I have used TriEagle for years for both personal and transitioning my rentals to new accounts. They have always been efficient and not wasted my time. They quickly put me on my best options. No complaints. They deserve the time i took from my schedule to get some Kudos.

Sonya Crawford

1 out of 5
Do not choose this electric company unless your goal is to have a higher bill. Power to choose recommended I switch to tri eagle after I specifically stated I was looking lower my electric bill. Now my bills are $100/month higher than what they were before. I was also told I’d have time to change prior to being locked in. This was a lie. You only get 3 days…. You don’t have a bill in 3 days so how can this be enough time to decide to stay with a company? Now I’m stuck in this contract and tri eagle won’t offer me anything but to pay an extremely high fee to cancel. Their satisfaction guarantee has a lower plan but only 1c/kWh cheaper. They stated they’d listen to my sales call to honor what I was told. To make sure I can hear it too I also asked for this recording. They said they’d provide this. Do you think they sent it? Of course not. Just said I was given the correct info and am required to pay. It’s all a scam to con you out of more money.