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Reviews for Texpo Energy are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.


Rachel Smith

1 out of 5
Had a contract with them and they NEVER informed me about changes. Went from all time summer high of 450 to 1495!!! After we went to energy ogre they conveniently sent me an email about my contract ending. Very very shady operation. Be Aware!!! To the response below I call bs! So nice job trying to cover a bad operation

chris orouke

1 out of 5
Avoid this electric company! Been with them two months and my bills have been messed up twice. Its almost impossible to get someone on the phone, can take an hour. Then, they cant get you an answer, say they'll call back. Paid my bill the day before it was due, but they cant find payment, send email about disconnecting my electric. Sent email too, never heard back that way either...

Nicole Moore

1 out of 5
We moved to Texas a little over a year ago and was referred to Texpo by a friend. The representative we originally spoke with was at first very friendly and accommodating to our family's needs. This summer we were out of town for several weeks and shut everything off before we left. The times we were home, we were extra careful to minimize our power usage (to the point where we didn't even turn on lights most days and set our AC to almost 80 degrees.) Our power bills were no less than just under $500 a month. I tried to call the company and set up a temporary payment arrangement for a couple months, due to not being able to afford such a high bill. Customer service refused to work with us, so we ended up cancelling our contract with Texpo, fulling expecting to pay the remaining balance. We received an email and a text from ZACH (the same rep that originally helped us) shortly after, about our outstanding bill. I contacted him promptly and told him that we had gone with a different power company and wanted to set up a payment arrangement so we could pay for the power we used. It was very obvious he was mad because during the course of our conversation, he repeatedly cut me off mid-sentence and even used foul language several times, which included the F-bomb. He also said several times that he thinks "It sucks that Texpo is now going to be out money." We still intend to pay for our outstanding balance because that's the fair thing to do. However, I would highly discourage anyone from going with or switching to Texpo for their power needs. Power bills are excruciatingly high, and I was absolutely appalled by the customer service and the conversation that had taken place with ZACH and I. Hopefully, someone higher up in his company will see this review and reprimand him for speaking to a customer and woman in the manner he did.

jamya Polk (Latoya Redd)

1 out of 5
The customer service is horrible. I try to set up a resident account and business account, the lady just kept me on hold for a long period of time. The customer service is horrible. I wouldn't never recommended this company.

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