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Reviews for Pulse Power are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.


Rykker Russell

1 out of 5
THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! I signed a contract with them to end on April 7th. I received hundreds of emails and letters saying that my service was set to terminate on April 7th and to renew. Even sent letters like "I hope you enjoyed your services with us." However, here we are a month later and I am fighting with them because they said my services don't actually terminate unless I fill out a form to cancel. HOW INSANE??? Why would NONE of the letters and emails you sent outline any of that information? NEVER EVER EVER EVER USE THEM.

Parker Slater

1 out of 5
Illegal and shady business practices. Since the representatives can't read a contract they are not refunding my deposit. Per Texas law, it must be returned when service is terminated. I switched companies and they are trying to say that since i didn't make 12 payments, it isn't refundable. Yeah, that's if I still had service, item 4(b)(ii) in the terms of service states, " Any deposit will be refunded upon request in the event that (ii) customer terminates service with the company." If anyone has trouble with this company, send a complaint with the Public Utility Commission of Texas or the Office of the Public Utility Counsel. This company needs to re-educate its service representatives, or they are doing this intentionally and hoping no one says anything.

Faith Jacklyn

1 out of 5
I get a good rate but you have to ALWAYS be on top of paying your bill on time. As a 2 year, "on time" payment customer you can imagine my shock when I was once 3 weeks late & our power was shut off over it. I could understand if I was often delinquent, but that simply isn't the case. So if you choose this provider, pay your bill ON TIME! By the way, I am still a customer 3 almost 4 years later so this isn't a review out of anger, just honesty.

Jasmine Brewer

1 out of 5
The worst electric company in the world in my opinion. Please pay attention to your rates on your bill. And the customer service is my number 1 complaint. If you don’t know about this company. You will find out .

Leonidas Marinos

1 out of 5
Horrible company with the worst BBB rating. They falsely calculate consumption and don't provide details with the customers. Their customer service has ignored me "forever". But mostly ignored 7 contacts in the last 2 weeks. I had to cancel them and go with a reputable company. Do not buy from here.

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