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Reviews for Discount Power are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.


Robert Nelson

1 out of 5
Absolutely terrible customer service. My service was transferred from another provider to Discount Power in December 2022. In early March 2023, I called Discount Power asking if I missed an email - because I was hoping to set up auto-pay for my new account. They informed me to watch for an email and nothing could be done before then.Today (3/27/23) I finally received an email from them - but the email and corresponding link weren't a "welcome" email with instructions... but rather notifications that my account was overdue and that my power could be shut off in 10 calendar days. Wow! What a way to welcome a new Customer!! No welcome or instructions - just a past due notice.Today, after paying my bill in full, I felt the need to warn others about my experience. If I were selecting electric providers - this experience alone would make me want to find a different provider.If you're considering Discount Power but have another company with comparable rates - do yourself a favor and AVOID Discount Power. They have a knack for turning simple/easy experiences into ones that leave Customers with a sour taste they won't soon forget!

cmg white

5 out of 5
Been with this company when they pennywise. Very happy with their service provided by their reps and rates much better than millions other companies in the market.I just renewed my contract with them again. Thank to Paula for providing the best service and rates.

Richard Tristan

1 out of 5
Horrible customer service. Was a customer of Y.E.P before my account got transferred to Discount. Never had any problems. Called to transfer my service find out my account has been closed due to a cancellation, never received an email or letter letting me know. Had to go through whole enrollment process all over again, then was told I wouldnt get a confirmafion response until 2 business days! Ridiculous. Dont go with this company if you can avoid it.

Marissa Molina

1 out of 5
I am reaching out to you regarding concerns about the service I have received from DIscount Power's customer service team and also, about my concern regarding my current electricity plan.I called and emailed earlier today and spoke with someone named Carlos, I explained my concerns regarding my usage and the increase in my bill the last few months.He seemed to dismiss my concerns and would revert back to what my plan was before it was bought from my previous provider, and basically re-iterated what I already knew but did not propose or suggest what Discount Power could do to assist with my needs as a consumer or even offer plans best suited for my needs. I ended up having to break it down to him and explain that if he had any other plans that may be suited for my needs, amount usage..etc. I needed to know what he could offer. He then decided to look in his system and came back and stated there was a better plan available called the discount saver 36 plan for 13.8/kwh but if i switched to that plan, i would be charged an early termination for my current plan. I explained to him that the fee should not apply to me, I became a customer due to Discount Power buying my Previous electricity company out. I explained I should NOT be penalized for automatically being placed in to a plan from the buyout since this was obviously out of my and Discount power's control. Due to my previous company being bought out, I never had the opportunity to choose a plan with Discount power that was best suited for my needs as a consumer and placed in one by default. I ended up getting frustrated with Carlos' lack of help, and asked to be transferred to someone higher, he flat out told me "NO", because he said there was no one higher, so the I asked for another supervisor to speak to. He then transferred me to a gentleman named Francisco, that while his customer service was ALOT better and I felt his intent to help was there, he also mentioned he would have to submit a request for the plan fee change to be waived and it could take up to a month. He expressed there was no guarantee it would be approved but I would also have to approve for the plan change before the request to waive the fee was submitted. He also mentioned the request was sent to someone in a department with no phones. This of course to me is appalling..I explained to him i ABSOLUTELY did NOT feel comfortable requesting the plan change if there was no guarantee the fee would be waived AND there was no way to follow up with the person who ultimately makes that decision. I am a Manager and Supervisor myself, and I understand there is protocol and reasoning behind fees, but I also know that in my particular situation the fee should not apply based off the fact that my plan was chosen for me when my electric company was bought out..I would really like to speak to someone as soon as possible to resolve this matter. As mentioned, I am extremely frustrated that there is no one that can assist, and the only supervisors available either dont want to help (Carlos) or have no authority to help (Francisco) a customer. I have also sent an email and am hoping someone gets back to me before the end of the month.

Geoff Brock

1 out of 5
I started a contract with Discount Power on 7/27/23. Received all the introduction emails etc. On 8/15/23, I received a final invoice for $0.14 I called and they never switched it over. I was still with my previous provider that was charging me on a variable rate because I was not under contract. Discount never contacted me to let me know that it was not set up so now I have a $250 bill for two weeks of service with my previous provider. I will never do business with Discount Power and I recommend that you do not either.