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Reviews for Branch Energy are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.


Sandy Hanne

4 out of 5
This was a really great company to do business with. And their rate was great as well. They were really proactive about how to have a utility relationship with the customer, with efficiency reviews, heat pump information, Etc. Unfortunately, this time around they were not competitive. I hope at some point in future their rate will win the comparison competition and I can use them again.


5 out of 5
I got an energy consult from this company. The experience was easy, quick, and left me with a lot of ideas on how I could decrease my energy usage. The generated report has a lot of useful resources and I'll be referring back to it often.

Valley Johnson

1 out of 5
They get you in with a great rate and then double it on you after contract ends. Not even remotely reasonable to stay month to month. My bill for the 14 days before I cancelled was $108 while I was out of town! Of course they deny me being a customer and deny doubling the rate after my contract ended. Other than that, it’s a good company and has good customer service.

Manny Aguirre

5 out of 5
I became a customer in 2021 when Branch Energy was just getting started. I’m glad I have been a customer since 2021 and will continue to be. The customer service is excellent, no hidden fees, everything is explained clear and properly in the bill and the rates are great! Highly recommend Branch Energy!

Paris Rodriguez

5 out of 5
I am a man of simple words, simple goals. But I can say with full certainty from the deepest fathoms of my harkening heart that I, myself am and always will be deeply grateful for the kind gentle customer service reps, the joyous and merry backstage managers and the supportive support staff. My faith in humanity is forever restored and I shall always echo the name Dora Rodriguez in my mind as the one who gave this old soul some much needed kindness.

Miles Shellshear

3 out of 5
Never had any issues & customer service was great…UNTIL I moved and cancelled service. I was assured my service would be cancelled on my move-out date. Thankfully I was cautious enough to request a confirmation email, because my service is still active 3 days after I moved out. They’re saying they will credit me for the additional days since I have the evidence of my original cancellation request, but it’s quite frustrating continuing to deal with this company when I should’ve received my final bill by now. Had to downgrade my rating because of this.