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Reviews for Amigo Energy are pulled from various online sources including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and user submitted reviews.


Katelynn Petitt

1 out of 5
Please please please don’t waste your time. They are HIGHLY unprofessional! I placed an order for service Aug 2 on Aug 12 I still had no lights ! So I requested a refund for my deposit that I paid to only be told that I could receive one because it was 15 days past the serve date…. YALL THEY NEVER TURNED THE LIGHTS ON ! Here it is August 18th and I still haven’t received lights nor a refined from them. I Would recommend trying Cirro Energy instead the deposit was $40 cheaper and they offer same day service

Mark S

1 out of 5
My experience with Amigo was absolutely terrible. The height of incompetence in their new account department. I tried setting up new electric service with them, and after one full week of getting nowhere with them, I finally cancelled my order. I was able to set up the same service with another company after only 50 minutes - not one week with six frustrating calls with their new client customer service. It makes me wonder, if setting up a new client is this difficult and inept, how do they treat existing clients who are locked into a long-term contract? I'd avoid this company at all costs.

Tunissia Bennett

1 out of 5
It seems that by reading the reviews I am not the only person experiencing issues with Amigo Energy. I reached out to Amigo Energy for new services of which I had to pay a deposit. I paid the deposit right then with no problem. Following that, I then had to cancel my request and was told that my deposit would be refunded to me within 7 to 10 business days. I have worked and still work in customer service, so I understand that process. However, I allowed the 7 to 10 business days minus the holiday and still received NOTHING. They didn't contact me, so I had to contact them just to hear that there STILL was not a resolution. I spoke with one of their "supervisors" named Leah who was very nice and understanding. But now I currently have to wait ANOTHER 7 to 10 days. I am very disappointed with this matter and the company. My husband started services with them, but now Reliant wants us back and offering an amazing deal. I just might have my husband switch back over 🤔!!!

Luisa Hernandez

1 out of 5
I was a happy customer for many years until the beginning of this year. My bill is almost $200.00 Not happy with this company! Extremely HIGH bills every month when I’m Paying. I called for a better cheaper deal to renew for 24 months but instead they offered a 12 months high rate. Definitely looking for other companies with better rates.

edith Soundara

1 out of 5
Please don't get service with them! They are big reap off. For example if your bill is due on certain date and you pay them like 1 or 2 days later they will automatically charge you like $30 dollars more. I can see like a $5 or $10 dollar fee for being late, but $30 dollars? And if you make payments arrangements they ask you for half of what is owe. How about if you don't have half of what you, owe? I'm stuck with them for right now! But once my contract is over, I will definitely change and also they give you like a $100 dollars credit if you recommend somebody, well they take for ever to give you the money! And they said you have to wait 3 months for that, well I keep calling them because the 3 months pass and they said for next month and they never did. And I had to call again. It really took like 6 or 7 months to give me my $100 credit! Absolutely garbage this company!! I had to give it 1 star but I wouldn't give them not even a one star!