Treadmill Electricity Usage Calculator

Calculate how much energy your Treadmill uses and how much it costs to run

Electricity Usage & Cost of a Treadmill

A treadmill is a popular exercise machine that allows you to walk, jog, or run indoors, providing a convenient way to stay fit regardless of the weather. On average, a treadmill uses around 650 watts while operating, though the energy usage can vary depending on the model, speed, and incline settings. Treadmills offer various features such as adjustable speeds, pre-set workout programs, and heart rate monitors to enhance your exercise routine.

Several factors influence the energy usage of a treadmill:

  1. Speed Settings: Higher speeds increase energy consumption.
  2. Incline Settings: Using an incline feature increases the power required.
  3. User Weight: Heavier users may cause the motor to work harder, using more energy.
  4. Workout Duration: Longer workouts consume more energy.
  5. Additional Features: Built-in features like displays, fans, and speakers can contribute to overall energy usage.

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Total Cost of Your Energy Usage:

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