Modem Electricity Usage Calculator

Calculate how much energy your Modem uses and how much it costs to run

Electricity Usage & Cost of a Modem

A modem is a crucial device that connects your home network to the internet, enabling you to browse, stream, and stay connected. On average, a modem uses around 10 watts while operating. The energy usage is relatively low, but it runs continuously to provide a stable internet connection.

Several factors influence the energy usage of a modem:

  1. Model and Efficiency: Newer, more efficient models may use less power.
  2. Usage Time: Since modems run 24/7, their continuous power usage adds up over time.
  3. Connected Devices: The number of devices connected can impact the modem's workload.
  4. Additional Features: Modems with built-in routers or other features may consume more energy.

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Total Cost of Your Energy Usage:

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